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Gets You Fast, Faster!

Our goal is simple: to get you fit and make you faster, ultimately helping you achieve the speed you truly deserve.

Choosing to be your own coach can be a challenging path. It often involves pit-falls, trial and error, attempting to decode what works and what doesn't. However, making a smart choice involves seeking assistance from someone qualified, with extensive experience and a track record of success. This decision can help you unlock your potential on your premium bikes by following a tailored training regimen that's designed to enhance your fitness and boost your speed.  

CycloZeal provides Powerful, Time efficientCycling Action plan that work, Proven by our CycloZealians 
Location - Online, where ever there is internet connectionCities based in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Vadodara, GujaratCountry India Languages we speak English, Hindi, Hinglish, Marathi, Gujarati Communication Languages English, HinglishSport Type  Cycling (Road / Track / MTB) Cycling Coaching Assistance for: Fitness/ IronMan - Cycling / Ultra Endurance/Racing (Road / Track / MTB) 
Services: CUSTOMIZED Action Plans - Remote Online Coaching
Value Added Services
  • in person 1-2-1 coaching*
  • Local Coaching 
  • Training Camps*
  • Crewing* 
  • Custom Diet plan by qualified  expert on panel*
  • Bike Fit  by expert on panel*
  • Strength Training recommendations*
  • Mental Skills - by qualified Sports Psychologist on panel*

Athlete Level: Novice, Intermediate, Advance, Professional  Age Categories : 12-60yrs  
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Coaching Assistance Services - OnlineMiten Thakker - Level III Cycling Coach (ABCC,UK)
  • Power Profiling 
  • S.M.A.R.T goals setting
  • Training Specific to Watts/HR/RPM are established 
  • Training sessions set as per time avail
  • Power packed 12 weeks structured action plan emailed to you,
  • 12 weeks structure ensures we stay focused to our training goals and progressive overload as per scientific fundamentals.   
  • Each session designed/positioned with a purpose in as per training phase/periodization, to bridge the gap to your primary goal.
  • Training files reviewed, ongoing basis 
  • Feedback shared by your coach, ongoing basis 
  • Watts/HR bench marks are reviewed ongoing basis.
  • Race Tactics and Techniques (Ongoing Basis)
  • On going - One on One feedback, consultation with your coach (telephonic/online, where the magic 🪄 happens)
Please refer to FAQs page for common questions 
Inbox us to know which action plan works Best for YOU

Customised Online Action Plans  - Personal/ Group Coaching and Training 

Coach Nimish Makadia

Certified - Bike Positioning Expert USA, Level 3 Cycling Coach ABCC - UK, Fitness Expert 

Expert Dietician - Meghana Surve - Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Hospital Food Service - Customized Diet Plan that's in sync with training load

Please Note Customised diet for cycling option is only offered exclusively to CycloZeal active members who feels the need and understands, you are what you eat.(For diet plan inquiry for other sports/needs - send her an email)  

Sports Psychologist - Amruta Karkhanis Deshmukh

Unlock your full potential with the guidance of Amruta Karkhanis Deshmukh, an ex-cyclist and multiple National Medals winner. Gain the competitive edge by starting from within yourself. (To inquiry for more - send her an email)


ONLY YOU AND OUR Team of QUALIFIED EXPERTS with Decades of Experience in Sports at National and Professional Level

Customized Diet Plan

Get Customized Diet plan to meet your daily life and Cycling needs by our Qualified Expert 

Dietitian Meghana Surve 

You Are what you Eat 

Mind and Body Tune Up

Its a known fact that on the day and in the moment of truth its combination of mind and body that will determine your Performance! 

Who can be better than Amruta Karkhanis Deshmukh our Expert, who has been a National Medalist (14 in total) in Cycling, a Shiv Chhatrapati Awardee and now practicing Sport Psychologist. 


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Consultation and introduction to Coaching Customized Training as per the training groups.  Positioning on the Bike (Basic) All sessions are generalized to match with training groups age, abilities and objective goals.  Personalized attention will given to all the riders in the group while manning the training sessions by your coach Training sessions are set in accordance to perceived effort rate Set training plan around your fitness program where riders will be introduced to few of the many training variations that are prescribed in our Yellow Jersey Plan Skill training (Ongoing Basis) Stretching  Effective and Efficient TechniquesUse of right gears at the right timeSafety SkillsDrafting SkillAerobic/Anaerobic trainingsLeg SpeedSpeed and EnduranceWarm ups/warm downs/StretchingTips and personal consultation (ongoing) 

Technical Race Consultancy 

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