Our CYCLOZEALIANS Achievements 

 Unleashing Extraordinary: We are passionate about assisting our cyclists unleash their true potential to transform from many being cyclists ordinary to reaching heights ExtraOrdinary!! 

57 Medals at National Championships /Games / Khelo India 

Many more Wins at State and National Level Competition,. 

(State Level Placings, Medals and Championships, sorry we have lost the counts) 

PBP x 10 + LEL x 2 Finishes

Many BRMs, SR series and R5000


RAAM, worlds toughest ultra endurance race - 1st Place in Team of Two Category (2015),  

Successful Finish Team of Four Category (2017) and Successful Finish Solo Category (2019) 

Many RAAM Qualifications (RQ) by our cyclists

Ultra Cycling World Records x 3 

Guinness World Records x 2 

for Fastest Time Kashmir to Kanyakumari (K2K) x 2 and LEH to Manali Fastest Time 

4424m Half Everesting National Record 

Successful Completion 140.6 IronMan x 2 and 70.3 IronMan x 3 

We continue to be in constant pursuit to get get fast; faster!

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