Race Across America - RAAM

Covering a staggering 5000 kilometers from the East Coast to the West Coast of the USA, RAAM stands as one of the most grueling ultra-endurance events on the planet. Participants from across the globe dare to take on this formidable challenge, competing either as a team or solo, categorized by age and gender.

In 2015, history was made by the Dr. Mahajan Brothers from Nashik, India, who became the first Asian team to triumphantly cross the finish line, securing the top position in their category. Fueled by passion and a deep sense of purpose, the Mahajan Brothers teamed up with the Kalpataru Foundation to pledge five free cataract surgeries and one corneal transplant for every 100 kilometers they rode, benefitting the tribal communities around Nashik. Their monumental achievement of covering approximately 5000 kilometers not only marked a sporting triumph but also brought the gift of vision to over 600+ tribal individuals. This extraordinary feat garnered the attention and recognition of the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. The Doctor Brothers, were invited by the Prime Minister's Office for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Modi ji personally. During the meeting, Modi ji listened to their remarkable journey, offered his heartfelt congratulations and shared encouraging words. He even highlighted the Mahajan Brothers as RAAM heroes in his 'Mann Ki Baat' address to the nation.


2015 - Dr Hitendra Mahajan and Dr Mahendra Mahajan (team of two) as Team Vision for Tribals created history by wining and successfully completing RAAM in their debut attempt in 8 days 14hrs and 56mins 

2017 - Crew team with Mahajans inspired by Mahajan Brothers, decided to do the unthinkable, registered for Team of Four - Dr Rajendra Nehte, Dr Ramakant D. Patil, Dr Sandeep Shivalay and Pankaj Marlesha   as Team Sahyadri to successfully complete RAAM in less than 9 days, alloted to the team categories.  

2019 - Kabir Raichure (Lawyer by profession) also inspired by Mahajan Brothers stepped in to ultra endurance cycling racing starting with Deccan Cliffhanger (RAAM Qualifier - RQ)  progressively breaking his personal best in the RQ events, attempted RAAM solo, which he successfully complete in his debut attempt.

Ultra Endurance Cycling Racing 

is a tough event to commit to specially with busy schedule trying to manage work, social life, having a committed crew to support you can make a huge difference, to prepare mentally and physically. 

Huge Respect for each of above cyclists dedicated themselves to our CYCLOZEAL process, scientifically structured action plan, customised to each riders capabilities and optimizing the time they could invest in getting them fast, faster to prepare for something that was unthinkable before 2015. 

I am extremely delighted to have had the opportunity to add value, putting my decades of cycling experience to use as a cycling coach with cyclists who dared to challenge their limits and in their debut attempt  RAAMed it!   

Cycling Coach Miten Thakker - Level 3 - ABCC, UK 



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