Meet your Cycling Coach MITEN THAKKER - Level 3 ;based in Mumbai, India 

Level 3 Certification: Highest Level of Cycling Coaching Certification Awarded to Experienced Coaches 

Miten B. Thakker is a dedicated and accomplished Cycling Coach with an impressive track record and a diverse skill set. With a Level 3 certification from Association of British Cycling Coaches - ABCC (U.K.) since 2014, proven track record in training, motivating and nurturing athletes to achieve their cycling goals. Miten's coaching expertise extends across various cycling disciplines, including Road, Track, MTB Racing and Ultra Cycling.

CycloZeal - A Decade of Excellence:

As the Founder and Coach of CycloZeal since June '12, Miten has played an instrumental role in assisting over 750+ cyclists across India in achieving their cycling goals. His dedication shines through personalized training plans for fitness, endurance and competitive events, as well as the organization of workshops, races and performance camps.

Role as an Examiner:

Miten B. Thakker serves as an examiner for Level 3 Cycling Coaching Certification with A.B.C.C (U.K). In this critical role, he assesses and evaluates student coaches who want to attain the highest level of cycling coaching certification. His expertise and commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset in ensuring the next generation of cycling coaches meets the highest standards.

Notable Achievements:

Education and Skills:

Beyond Cycling – Like a wheel of a cycle all rounds up to cycling

Miten's interests extend beyond cycling to include photography, stock/equity market and reading. He's a well-rounded individual with a passion for continuous learning and applying it for his Cyclozealians and personal growth. 

It's in the world of cycling that Miten's ♥️ heart truly rides, it’s his Zeal for cycling; CycloZeal was born, dedicated to his coaching expertise and ability to motivate athletes has made a significant impact in the transforming performance of many cyclists he had a chance to assist. 

His zeal for cycling, coaching and ability to inspire athletes speak volumes about his commitment to his the purpose he started his coaching journey with leaving behind his corporate carrier and full time job and connecting the dots using many of his corporate learning and his history with cycling racing, put his 28 years of rich experience to meaningful use by assisting cyclists across abilities be it Fitness, Ultra Endurance, Competitive events to help them reach their full potential, to get them Fast, Faster.

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Level 3 Certification is the highest level of Certification offered to Eligible & Experienced Coaches 

Miten Thakker's listed as an overseas coach with the Association of British Cycling Coaches (ABCC-UK)

As a Cyclist - Miten Thakker 

Starting his competitive career at inter-colleges with 9 Gold, 2 Silvers and 2 Bronze medals, he moved to state and national championship. Some of the notable achievements: NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (Participation) Represented State of Maharashtra ·         1997 - Road National Championship ·         1998 - Track National Championship ·         1999 - Track National Championship ·         2000 - Road National Championship ·         2002 - 70kms Team Time Trial - 4th place. Represented State of West Bengal ·         Road National Championship - Feb2003 - 70kms Team Time Trial - 6th place ·         Road National Championship - Dec2003 – 120 kms Mass Start - 7th place  NATIONAL GAMES - Represented State of Maharashtra31st National Games ·         1000m Sprint - 6th place ·         120 kms Mass Start - 7th place32nd National Games -          1000m Sprint - 8th place -          120kms Mass Start – First Bunch FinishSTATE SELECTIONS: Road·         6th in 40 kms Ind. Time Trial 1997 ·         4th in 40 kms Ind. Time Trial 1998 ·         6th in 40 kms Ind. Time Trial 1999 ·         5th in 40 kms Ind. Time Trial 2001 ·         4th in 40 kms Ind. Time Trial 2002·         3rd in 40 kms Ind. Time Trial 2002 Track ·         3rd in 4000m Ind. Pursuit - 1999 ·         1st in 1000m Ind. Time trial - 2000·         2nd in 4000m Ind. Pursuit - 2000  ANNUAL STATE TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP1999·         2nd in 1000m Ind. Time Trial  ·         3rd in 4000m Ind. Pursuit ·         3rd in 1000m Mass Start ·         3rd in Devil takes the hind most  2000·         2nd in 1000m Ind. Time Trial  ·         2nd in 1000m Sprint ·         3rd in 4000m Ind. Pursuit ·         3rd in 1500m Team Time Trial ·         3rd in 4000m Team Pursuit  2002·         2nd in 1000m Sprint·         3rd in 4000m Ind. Pursuit  Career Highlights:·         Vashi-Khopoli-Vashi- 110 kms - Winner 1999/2001/2002,three consecutive wins on the circuit and fastest time of 2:51:50 secs·         Best Up–Coming Cyclist Award – ACABSD - 1999  ·         INTER COLLEGIATE CHAMPIONSHIP, three consecutive years·         Mumbai – Pune2003 – Fastest Break Away between Panvel and Khapoli, winning Khapoli Prime.

Association of British Cycling Coaches (ABCC, UK) - ARTICLE

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Podcast Interviews 

How Cycling Helps Fitness 

Cycling is one of the greatest forms of cardio, and very often we have childhood memories attached to it as well. It's also one of your host's favourite activities - Deepak aka Chuck can often be found on weekend mornings zipping down the highways on his beloved Velociraptor (we name our bikes ok!). In this episode, Deepak speaks to cycling coach Miten Thakkar. Miten is one of India's most sought-after cycling coaches, doing everything from online training for newbies, to competitive racing coaching for professionals. He runs Cyclozeal which has trained several folks on their way to national-level medals.Chuck and Miten speak about cycling, how it's good for you, how to work it into your routine, how to get started, and lots more!
Miten Thakker has coached more than 500 riders/cyclists across abilities and his students have got more than 34 (now @ 56) National medals home. He is also the coach behind the legendary Mahajan bros whom you might have heard in the previous episodes and is the coach to Kabir Rachure as well.
Miten, is a veteran cyclist and he shares some really neat techniques for training and also shares how has cycling changed in the years that gone by and what needs to be done to grow the community.