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Jagruti Kumari Rathore is an undeniable Queen Of Miles, inspirational power house as a Women Ultra Cyclist in India, having numerous accomplishments over time, she is looked upon by many cyclists (male/female) as an icon of Indian Ultra Cycling.  Jagruti Kumari Rathore Home Maker from an affluent family, juggling & multi tasking with many roles and responsibilities, with 6 years of rich brevet cycling experience.
She is the pride of Vadodra cycling, while being member of TCCB Club and Training with CycloZeal Vadodara Ultra Warriors Group, an initiative by Nimish Makadia Sir  
Key Accomplishments to her name: 
  • PBP'2023 Successful Finisher (88:12 Hrs) 
  • 14 x Super Randonneurs Completed (She possibly is the only female cyclist in India to have reached this milestone as of 08/10/23, though this is yet provisional, we still believe what she has accomplished is incredibly amazing)
  • BRM 300 Limdi .. in 2022 
  • 75000kms+  
  • 42700mts of elevation.. this is for 2023 year alone (pre PBP) 

Her Driving force to give 110%Redemption, she finished what she started but being out of cutoff time in PBP'19, got this champion more determined than ever before to leave no stone unturned for PBP'23.
In here own words - "It’s an unfinished job and challenge to myself to nail it ...  This time I want to complete within time .. and see my self on the finish line with pride ✌️ "
His Strength and Motivation - Her super supportive family, especially her husband Divyajeet Singh Rathore (her strongest pillar, setting high standards and an example for all men who encourage their better halves and support them as husbands), her 20 years old son Raghav, support of her friends.  
Challenges Pre-PBP
  • Being a home maker goes beyond more than 9:00am - 5:00pm job, but, still managing time to train on the bike, hit the gym and find time to recover demonstrates the tight rope she managed to walk in her quest to excellence.  

Balancing busy life and responsibilities at times training with little sleep possible reflect the strong will that she has making her a force to reckon with. 
  • Being a Women, challenging to be on lonely roads for training or be it brevets ( we salute to all the female cyclists doing brevets)  

  • Demons from PBP'19, where she finished outside cut off time,  kept fueling her burning desire to feel the pride to Successfully cross the finish line for PBP'23.  

Challenges during PBP
  • She willingly slowed down her pace many times to stay with the team, making every effort to provide valuable support to her fellow teammates, who were facing rough times early in the event, which costed valuable time, while also leading little rest than what would have been ideal. 
  • Sleep deprivation, is a challenge all ultra cyclists counter, all experienced ultra endurance athletes will know first hand on how it feels to keep pusing physically when your mind is snooze mode with sleep mode on. 
  • Though running ahead of the cut-off time, did not think tables will turn, losing precious buffer time due to a Two+ hour sleep break at the 604-kilometer mark, when she had to more challenging climbs had her in pursuit to chase cut off times at few control points, being an experienced ultra cyclists she knew she had to go on and she ultimately managed to regain lost ground. 

Special mention goes to Jitesh Sheth, Jagrup Gulia who were extremely supportive all through the journey along with R Ramnarayan Reddy ji, who in closing kilometers to the finish rode alongside her, providing continuous encouragement and ensuring she stayed awake and alert, never allowing her to dose off or lose pace.  
  • Chasing addition buffer time on hand incase of any technicals was always on her mind, until few kilometers from the finish line, she redeemed and accomplished success at PBP'23 with impressive 88 hours and 12 minutes, reminding her of journey in a flash, 

Divyajeet Singh Rathore, proud husband and friends waiting for her at the finish line all so overwhelmed. 

What she liked about CycloZeal (feedback) "Timely feedback’s - always checking on  every one’s performance and scope improvement" 
Areas he felt CycloZeal Process helped her - "Building positive mind set , making believe in ourself" 
Saab se important saval asked to all our riders Did you get Fast, Faster? "Yes"
We express our heartfelt thanks to Jagruti Kumari Rathore for achieving this remarkable redemption at PBP. Her success signifies not only her personal journey but also reflects redemption for us at CycloZeal. Drawing from PBP'19 learning, we have now successfully finished what we started
Jagruti's distinction as one of the five remarkable women in 2019 who finished outside the cutoff and her subsequent achievement within the cutoff in 2023, to completing 14 SR series in just over 6 years, sets a shining example of perseverance and the spirit of "Try till you succeed!
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R Ramnarayan Reddy - aka RRR/Rocket Reddy ji, is what we like to call him. 
RRR now calls Mathura home. Previously stationed in Vadodara, he's a member of the TCCB Club and trained with the CycloZeal Vadodara Ultra Warriors Group, an initiative led by Nimish Makadia Sir. 
Reddy ji is employed with IOCL as DGM (P&U), at Mathura Refinery and is Ultra Cyclist by Passion, member of TCCB, RRR is a Power House when it comes to closing kilometers in brevets, which earns him the title of 'Rocket Reddy ji' 
Balancing a demanding job as a DGM at IOCL with intense training and long rides is no small feat. His ability to manage shift work with rotational shift timing, ride in extreme temperatures and train indoors while fitting in outdoor rides shows his strong work ethic. 
Reddy ji's dedication and passion for ultra-cycling are truly inspiring. His journey, from undergoing knee surgery in December 2020 to starting his cycling journey as part of post-operative physiotherapy in July 2021, is a testament to his resilience and determination. Achieving remarkable performances.Key Accomplishments:  
  • PBP'2023 Successful Finisher (88:12 Hrs) debut with Brevet in 2022 
  • 1000 kms in Delhi-LOC-Delhi in October 2022, sub 60hrs
  • 2 x SRs Completed.. 
  • More than 30000 kms and 55000m of elevation for some one who started cycling just in July' 2021 

His Driving force to give 110% - To receive trophy from Chairman, IOCL. (he sure got a trophy from IOCL, Mathura Refinery Head)   His Strength and Motivation - his Wife, Daughters, Family and Friends Challenges Pre-PBP
  • Balancing work life, with changing shift times and managing training at times riding long hours alone in in the moon light and starry nights 
  • Migration orders from Baroda to Mathura, shifting process and challenges that come along, just about two month to PBP.
  • HOT temperature in Mathura. 
  • Managing long/intensity training indoor while trying to fit in outdoor rides in the night/weekends to beat the heat.

"In Life, if we have a choice choose the Best or Do Your Best!"
Challenges during PBP
  • Slowing down to stay along with the team, while being of help he could to support others in the team
  • Taking a sleep break  for 2 Hrs at Loudeac which turned out to be 4 Hrs 
  • Riding alone to Chase team members who had leaped ahead and Control points cut off time for buffer time.
  • RRR was in his element in the final 450 kms, rocket had fired up (similar to his 1000/1200 kms trend) he clocked the finish time in 88:12H
  • It's noteworthy that RRR showed not only physical strength but also exceptional sportsmanship by supporting and cheering on Jagruti Kumari Rathore during the challenging phase. Staying by her side, keeping her alert and motivated, especially when she was feeling drowsy, demonstrates his committment and dedication to fellow athletes. Together, they reached the Finish Line, reflecting the spirit of teamwork and mutual encouragement in the ultra-cycling community. 

What he liked about CycloZeal (feedback) "Schedule of training & Miten sir's untiring effort for all CZians for betterment" 
Areas he felt CycloZeal Process helped him - "Speed, Endurance, Positive attitude" 
Saab se important saval asked to all our riders Did you get Fast, Faster? "Yes"  
RRR's strong mindset and process-driven approach to keep pedaling regardless of the challenges he faces are qualities that set him apart. Our Rocket Reddy ji, has a deep commitment to his sport and is willing to push himself to achieve his goals. He is a source of motivation and inspiration for anyone looking to overcome obstacles and pursue their passion,from 2021 knee ACL ligament surgery to being a PBP'23 Successful Finisher! RRR ji ❤️ You are amazing! 
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Jagrup Gulia is an exceptional individual with a heart of gold ❤️  and a strong passion for cycling. His journey is truly inspiring and it's evident that he faced numerous challenges and overcame them with determination and support from his loved ones. 

A Guru (professor) for his students in Vadodra, India,  Cyclist with TCCB Club and Training with CycloZeal Vadodara Ultra Warriors Group, an initiative by Nimish Makadia Sir  

He holds a CA (Chartered Accountant) degree and is a professor by profession, heads Dharma Classes which has earned great reputation under abled team guided by Jagrup Gulia Sir, who on the bike is a power house when it comes to stomping his pedals.

Key Accomplishments: 

His Driving force to give 110% "Finish what I started on 26 Jan 2023 , Jhanda ghad ke aana hai buss". 

His Strengths and Motivation - His wife - Pooja Gulia, his Son, Vinayak (wanted to make him feel proud of his father), his students, Family and Friends.

Challenges Pre-PBP

Challenges @PBP

What he liked about CycloZeal (feedback) "Cyclozeal coach & family who always encourage,guide n motivate me to do better and better" 

Areas he felt CycloZeal Process helped him - "Speed,elevation n endurance" 

Saab se important saval asked to all our riders Did you get Fast, Faster? "Yes"  

Jagrup Gulia's story is a testament to the power of passion, determination and the support of loved ones and a strong community. His cycling achievements, especially completing the grueling PBP event from having debut to Brevet in December 2021, demonstrate his commitment to pushing his limits and striving for excellence. He serves as an inspiration to all aspiring cyclists and individuals facing challenges in pursuit of their dreams. 

A big tight hug (jaadu wali jappi) Jagrup Sir ji, you made your son and us all feel proud! 

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Jitesh Sheth, staying focussed, managing time, social life, pursuing your passion, purpose driven and methodical approach, are just few of the many attributes to describe him.   

Vadodara, India is his ghar while training with CycloZeal, Ultra Warriors Group Plan (we now call it our Bronze Plan) initiative by Nimish Makadia Sir  

Works with an renowned MNC as Director Operations, is a master at balancing work life, social life, frequent travel, to manage his passion for Ultra Cycling, getting into to smallest of nitigrities, planning and eagerness to adapt to gadgets, new tech, data/ process driven mindset with pragmatic approach comes naturally to him, while he brings along 6yrs of Brevet rich Cycling Experience, as a team players he is makes him immensely valuable asset to the team and each member of our Ultra Warriors Team who shared common goal to PBP'23 genuinely express their gratitude and respect for this top gun.

Key Accomplishments:  

His Driving force to give 110%   "Prepared physically and mentally to Just do it, just smash it...its today and not later.."  

His Strength and Motivation - His wife Sonal Sheth (who also has explored Brevet Cycling and both have accomplished Super Randonneur and have finished many BRMs, setting impressive couple goals) and fellow CycloZealians

Challenges Pre-PBP

Challenges @ PBP

What he liked about CycloZeal (feedback) "Bidirectional communication" 

Areas he felt CycloZeal Process helped him - "Had good climb composition in training" 

Saab se important saval asked to all our riders Did you get Fast, Faster? "Yes"  

Kudos, Jitesh bhai! Your incredible dedication, relentless spirit, and meticulous planning truly shine. Your PBP'23 triumph is a proof to your enduring determination, whats commendable is value you added to all with your contribution helping us to succeed. 

Thank you for your unwavering  trust in CycloZeal's structured training process and an epic performance to #successfully #finish #PBP'23. Your dedication and faith inspire us all.

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Dr. Ketan Ghadvi is truly an exceptional individual with a remarkable dedication to both his medical profession and his passion for ultra cycling. His achievements in the world of cycling, particularly his successful completion of PBP'2023, are a testament to his unwavering commitment and perseverance. PBP'2023 Finisher, completing a 1200 km ride in 88:47 (91:47:35 was Out of Cut off, only to help a co-rider friend for medical emergency, was granted 3hrs compensation and homologation as per PBP rules) and achieving two Super Randonneur (SR) titles, with just 18 months of cycling history. His ability to follow the process to perfection (common trait in our coaching experience with all doctors we had the privilege to assist , his determination to push his physical and mental limits is truly commendable. A dedicated doctor, practicing in Himatnagar, Gujarat, and with a home in Gandhinagar. Also an ultra cyclist, a member of 2Gather Club - Himatnagar, and part of CycloZeal Gold customized action plan.Key Accomplishments:  
  • PBP'2023 Finisher (91:47 Hrs)* debut with Brevet about 1.5 yrs back (when he met Mehul Joshi, Himatnagar, who also happened to successfully finish PBP'15, while training with CycloZeal and North Cape few years later, after scaling the highest peak on Earth Mt. Everest Summit)   
  • 1200 kms comfortably cruising to finish in 82:30 hours 
  • 2 x SRs Completed.. 
  • 22000 kms and 75000 feet in 2023

His Driving force to give 110%    "I want to do this to prove myself only. It’s challenge to myself. I can do what I decide. I’m not thinking of any challenges of rides. I just believe in hard work & follow the training process as suggested by my coach Miten Thakker sir. I’m just thinking to Finish what I start."
His Strength and Motivation - Dr. Ketan draws strength and motivation from his wife, Khyati, and his children, who serve as the main pillars of his life. 

Challenges Pre-PBP
  • Being a Doctor by profession, call of duty has been his top priority.
  • Balancing work life, with travelling to Himatnagar and Back daily, managing professional/personal commitments and managing time to train on the bike.
  • Managing long/intensity training indoor while trying to fit in outdoor rides in the starry nights/weekends
  • Dealing with Visa Rejection in first attempt, fortunate to get approval in second attempt. 

Challenges @ PBP
  • All was going as per plan, Dr Ketan along with his cycling buddies Himanshu and Tushar Trivedi, all cruising comfortably with sufficient buffer time.  
  • Unexpected medical emergency of a fellow rider during the event On the Return Journey while about 20kms from Loudeac, group decided stop for a power nap, as planned, until it was wake up time, Tushar ji, would not respond to wake up attempts, soon being Doctor came to rescue, investigating it further it was certain dear friend was in trouble in need of urgent medical attention (later upon investigation it was due to hypoglycemia). 
  • Ride had to Stop, to make arrangements for ambulance, calling the emergency number provided by PBP organizers, communicating in English to French speaking nation was a task, however, with some hassle Ambulance was on its way, took about 60 mins to finally hear the sound of ambulance from the time incident occurred.
  • Rushing to the Centre hospitallier du Centre Bretagne (luckily, with Garmin still on, which captured the route to the hospital and back)  
  • Admitted in the hospital while Junior Doctors at night time investigated and gave preliminary medical attention to Tushar ji, still on the hospital bed.
  • On the other side tracker was still ticking, not seeing Dr Ketan in anticipated time, I had dropped him a message, soon my phone rang informing me about the medical emergency, he would not leave his friend in the state he was at the time, respect him and Himanshu bhai for being true to their friend in need. Later again in few minutes we connected when he informed Tushar ji, was stable by then, with lot of hesitation asked him, only if he is convinced Tushar is doing well to decide to Ride, in next 5-10mins, and send a thumbs up 👍
  • Nearly 3.5hrs time had passed, with no ride, no food, no sleep,  while being mentally stressed for friends well being and physically drained. 
  • After consulting with Mehul Joshi - (his cycling club head, following the protocols) I saw a thumbs up notification from him, it was an affirmation that Tushar ji was doing well and Dr Ketan and Himuanshu were to resume the ride, getting to the point they had to stop.
  • Now on, It was a race against the clock while being sleep deprived, hallucinated (describing the incidence Dr Ketan Shared on call - 'while passing through field of sunflower enroute, his mind saw weird things and faces (animals/human) in sunflower), in normal circumstance speed that he was riding at was an easy Zone 2, felt like a drag, it was the commitment to finish what he started and give his best shot, got him closer and closer to the Finish line, completing the 1219 kms in 88:47Hrs 

What he liked about CycloZeal (feedback) "I love my guru Miten Thakkar sir. He is very kind & supportive. Super Scientific approach training."Areas he felt CycloZeal Process helped him - "Training training and training." Saab se important saval asked to all our riders Did you get Fast, Faster? "Yes"  Dr Ketan expressing his gratitude post PBP - "I want to share that this not that I have achieved this goal but it’s we as a team who achieved it. My team includes My family especiallyy my wife Khyati, My super guru Mr Miten Thakkar sir, My mentor Mehul Joshi. Without them I could not imaging to do these challenges".Thanks to My co-riders Himanshu Patel, Dr. Gaurang Thanki, Keyur Desai, Tushar Trivedi for their support.My special thanks to our PBP support team, Mr Rajesh Purohit & his family for delicious Indian foods [booster dose] & services during our rides.I would also like to thank 2Gather cycling club [Himmatnagar], all cycling friends& all my friends who encourage & support me to fulfil my dream." Dr Ketan, you are a super human being, doctor and a true friend, regardless to the outcome we are proud of you, for coping up with many challenges and finishing what you started! 
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"Life is like a bicycle; to maintain balance, one has to keep moving forward." - Albert Einstein. This quote truly applies to the top boss at the well-known Indian company with 1500+ employees reporting to him. Despite his busy schedule and demanding responsibilities, he understands the importance of finding time to pursue his passion for regular walks and cycling. Just as one must keep pedaling to maintain balance on a bicycle, he recognizes the need to keep moving forward in life, even while juggling a high-pressure career. This dedication to both his professional and personal pursuits exemplifies the wisdom of Albert Einstein's words.Manoj Raghav Sir hails from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, Cyclist with Cyclon Cycling Club  Already knowing what to expect at PBP he had silently been preparing for this big ride, while being cautious not to get lost enroute like in PBP'19, with just about four months to PBP'23 got to know this gem of a person he is, when he enrolled with CycloZeal, opting for Silver (HR/RPM based) customized action plan.
Key Accomplishments: 
  • 1200 kms in 88 hrs, debut with Brevet in 2018 
  • 2 x SRs Completed..
  • 90kgs to 84kgs (in 4 month to PBP'23, combo of dedication to custom training plan and diet plan, by our expert dietician Meghana Surve)   
  • 15300 kms since Sep 2019 
  • 12765 m Since Sep 2019 

His Driving force to give 110% I will not stop till I see the finish line come what may, will also look at small win’s to make it consolidate as large.
His Strength and Motivation - All those who have their contribution in making me cross finish line. Challenges Pre-PBP
  • PBP'19 did not go as per his plan when navigation error had him tour around French countryside he had no plans to explore in  2019, that failed attempt kept huating him until he had this second chance.  
  • Limited time (4 months we had)  with time constraints due to work commitments in highly demanding job, we had to ensure making every pedal stroke counts, leaving no stone unturned in our prep for PBP'23.
  • Missing out on important training blocks with climbs, due to work demand and mothers illness taking priority above everything else.   

Each challenge was an opportunity to grow, learn, and prepare mentally and physically for the ultimate test of endurance. These obstacles only made him more resolute in my pursuit of cross the finish line.  Challenges @ PBP
  • Confidence was high upon reaching France, had checked in in the same place in Versaille he stayed back in 2019, to be in the comfort of the known, easy spins to free up the legs and all was fine with two days to the start line, when infection bug bit him to get sore throat and next day before ride starts, 102°F  
  • Borrowing few more antibiotics and paracetamols from a friend, started PBP'23 at 19:45 start time. 
  • Ride goals were simple to keep riding come what may, legs were feeling good, however, breathing was compromised coz of sore throat and infection, despite knowing average speed was lower, finishing PBP'23 was only thing on his mind, kept the cruise mode active, kpet popping medication every 3hrs, only until he ran out of stock on his return leg to stop at Loudeac i.e 800 kms from the start line.  
  • Getting medication on the counter without doctors prescription in France is a near impossible, and for a good reason, compelling Manoj ji to call his doctor friend in India. 
  • Determined to continue with his ride, which came to an end on doctors strict advise, compelled him to stop the ride to not complicate health further, which he adhered to after clocking 800kms.  

What he liked about CycloZeal (feedback) The process, critical bites and feedbacks 
Areas he felt CycloZeal Process helped him - Scheduling, Feedback & overall insights before any major event. 
Saab se important saval asked to all our riders Did you get Fast, Faster? Yes  
Manoj Sir, your simplicity, positive attitude and ability to cope up/quickly adapt with situations is just amazing and admirable qualities. In a short stint of four months we have had, I'm glad I could provide assistance and share valuable information with you, which you found it useful, while collaboration with you I had opportunity to know you and learn from you. I am sure PBP'23 memories would have been much sweeter being at the finish line which you would have done for sure. 
Despite the challenges you faced and the unfortunate outcome we have to accept due to high fever, overcoming obstacles and giving your best effort is always something to be proud of!
It was music to my coaching soul, on post PBP'23 call, when you said "it felt so easy, 800kms without any muscular or joint issues,. sarra daar nikal gaya ye event ka" 
Thank you!Miten Thakker Cycling Coach Level 3
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Colonel Santosh Reuben 

Based in Shillong, India, (was based in Vadodra, India before recent new posting when he was Cyclist with TCCB Club and Training with CycloZeal Vadodara Ultra Warriors Group, an initiative by Nimish Makadia Sir.  

Colonel Santosh Reuben, a dedicated Indian Army officer, is passionate about ultra-cycling and also enjoys playing golf. He combines his military discipline with his cycling passion, participating in challenging brevets and training consistently. 

His ability to surprise and surpass faster riders during events like a 1200-kilometer ride from Vadodara to Pune and back demonstrates his physical and mental strength. 

Colonel Reuben's commitment to his goals, including preparing for events like Paris-Brest-Paris, while managing his professional responsibilities, is truly inspiring. He serves as a shining example of dedication and determination, both in the army and the world of cycling. 

Colonel Santosh Reuben, an Indian Army officer and avid ultra-cyclist, set his sights on the challenging Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) event., he had been preparing for, He left no opportunity to train, even while traveling for work (different cities for few days), ensuring he stayed disciplined and committed to his cycling goals. Balancing his military duties and passion for cycling, he exemplified dedication and determination in his pursuit of success at PBP. 

Key Accomplishments:  

His Driving force to give 110%     Short 1 stg tgts, Belief in God and  my self. Keep pushing regardless. 

His Strength and Motivation - his Wife, Family and Friends, Cyclozealeans and Indians  (Being from Indian Army no shortage of strength)

Challenges Pre-PBP

Challenges @ PBP

What he liked about CycloZeal (feedback) Updated training schedule 

Areas he felt CycloZeal Process helped him - Cadence, Cardiac fitness and endurance 

Saab se important saval asked to all our riders Did you get Fast, Faster? Yes  

Colonel Santosh Reuben's dedication and resilience shine through, even in the face of an unfortunate outcome at PBP'23 due to factors beyond his control. His commitment to qualifying for the event and showing up at the start line is commendable.

As he moves forward, setting new targets like PBP 2027 and LEL 2025, it's evident that he possesses the spirit of a true fighter, always looking ahead to the next challenge. His continuous practice and maintenance of fitness reflect his unwavering determination.

If life grants him a second chance, there's no doubt that Colonel Santosh Reuben will approach it with all his strength and determination, ready to give his absolute best. His indomitable spirit is an inspiration to us all.

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Anita Gupta, is a huge inspiration to Women in Ultra Cycling 

Based in Mumbai, India, Cyclist with @MumbaiRandonnuers and part of our Silver (HR/RPM based) customized action plan

Working women with a full time job, in a leading position in General Insurance company, multi tasking with many roles and responsibilities, while managing time to hit the gym or hoop on the saddle indoor/outdoor, we like to call her one of the most 'ziddi' lady, she will never say quit until she had to quit, this time.

Key Accomplishments: 

Her Driving force to give 110% 

I just know have put my years to this dreaming, Head down and keep going 

His Strength and Motivation - 

Being Ziddi

Challenges Pre-PBP

Challenges @ PBP

What she liked about CycloZeal (feedback) Coach knows what we are capable of 

Areas she felt CycloZeal Process helped her - Continuous push, gave dream and confidence to become better cyclist (which we think she surely did, from a person who dreaded climbs is find ways to do more climbs doing 41812m in 2023 alone)   

Saab se important saval asked to all our riders Did you get Fast, Faster? Yes  

Anita, wishing you a speedy recovery and a stronger come back, you truly are Ziddi and an Inspiration Power house, like calling you ''मूर्ती लहानपण कीर्ती महान'' ('Idol is small but fame is great)', its been an honour knowing a fighter like you and being part of your Cycling journey.

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1220kms PBP'2023 beautifully captured in little over a minute clip by Divyajeet Singh Rathore 

PBP' 2023

Finished what we Started!


This super success is all yours for your commitment, grit, dedication, pushing your limits to do the unthinkable for many.

Its a heartbreak for us to not be able to finish due to factors out of our control. 

You all have won our hearts ❤️ with your fighting spirit and are proud of you.

CycloZeal is CycloZeal coz of you all amazing Cyclozealians, we have had many successes and our failures, trying our best is something we don't give up. PROUD OF YOU ALL!!! 

Our sincere gratitude to you all #cyclozealians for entrusting in us choosing #cyclozeal to be part of meaningful journeys (#racing #ultracycling #fitness #triathlon #worldrecords #raam)

Cheers for more miles, tears/smiles. 

Team #CycloZeal


Paris Brest Paris (PBP) one of the most historic ultra cycling event or call it one of the biggest cycling festival; was fortunate to witness the shear beauty of France country side and brutally challenging conditions participants had testing times with; many successful finishes and many more unsuccessful attempts with great learning. Whatever the outcome, qualifying for PBP it self had to be challenging and being their at the start line was in itself was a great accomplishment!

Terrain, Climate and time zones all of it were not alien to our conditions and was a known fact, which riders were all prepared to challenge their limits and counter, but, riding through the stormy wind at 25-33 kmph blew away chances for many top it up with continues rolling terrain in wet cold chilly nights. Many struggled and continued to be on time, many decided to stop, many had to stop either coz of technical issues or health issues and many continued to with their pursuit to cross the finish line in what ever time it took.

Sleep deprivation, riding alone through the dark silent night's, self talks/self motivation, setting smaller goals and continuing to pedal with mix of emotions, pain, fear, etc,. all playing on the body and mind.

It was shear bliss to see hospitality given by people of France, team of volunteers and organizers on the entire route through the small villages decorated with their own themes to welcome the participants day and night, giving it a festive atmosphere making PBP an event where riders come back again and again for the life changing experiences and memories they take along riding with Randonnerrs from around the world.

Indian riders were in huge numbers and were there with full Josh! Atmosphere at the start was mesmerizing and with sea of riders getting flagged off every 15 mins or so.

Team Cyclozeal had been assisting few of the many riders who attempted PBP. We are extremely proud of them and have even higher respect for all the participants who qualified to reach there at the start point. There was immense amount of effort, training on and off the bike, planning, travel, logistics, finance, diet, etc,. which had gone into making this brave attempt.

You either finish successfully or you don't.. It's the experiences/memories and learning from these ultra events that will help you find yourself from within, shape your perceptions and approach for  life!

List of riders who were assisted by Team CycloZeal and how each one did..

1) Ishan Pandit, unfortunately went off the route along with other few international riders both assuming other knows the route eventually realizing they were way off the route, when they decided to laugh over it and take a train back to their hotels. 

Having a device to show you are route is surely an investment one will want to have!

2) Dr Sunil Naik, unfortunately had to quit due to technical issue at about 310 kms or so

3) Dr Jayant Patil, head winds at 25-33 kmph plus the continues long uphills on the rolling terrain took it's toll, had him to take a call to say this isn't my PBP (however, he is even more determined to come back stronger next time)

4) Abhishek Diwardkar after crossing about 500 kms with enough sleep in the bank and well planned diet executed was all set to start picking up the pace only to have slowed down to motivate other riders and get them along before back to back climbs started to hurt his left knee, after popping up pain killers he continues to ride until he can not take it any longer, decided to take a break without realizing he isn't covered against the cold 4°-6° climate which only had to make matters worst for him. He still wanted to continue so decided to limp walk, sit, roll on decents, until the news was conveyed to him that CP at Brest was now closed and there was no point pushing through the knee pain and was picked up in the car to hotel booked to get fresh and have a power nap, but, we who witnessed his fighting spirit to not quit were touched by his ziddi approach of limping, walking, rolling down making progress to get to the finish line.

4, 5) Dharik and Raghu both of them were riding well and reached Brest (turn around point) for Dharik it were the rashes from his new high end cycling shorts (lesson learnt, don't try anything new and if it's clothings wash them few times before using them). Raghu who had been instrumental in planning and helping many riders with GPX route plan, visa forms and lot more,. however, decided to stop because of fatigue and sleep deprivation.

These were surely tough conditions to ride in and after missing the CP cutoff time there seemed to be no reason for many to continue, however, few of the riders were motivated to ride the distance with a different purpose in mind.

6, 7) Neeta Narang and Nilesh Zawar, after being told the CP were closed choose to take a train but soon got the news that they can continue to ride with stamps from local merchants around the CP or Selfies during non business hours. This news had them to change their mind and they got off the train and on their way to Finish Line (no claims made to have finished entire distance by them, but, they did ride for the love of cycling and devoted their ride to our beloved late Jaspal Singh Virdi and Nashik Cyclists)

8) Jagruti Rathore was having her share of highs and lows, only thing that motivated her to continue was thought of her son Raghav and stories of her finishing PBP that will be told for generations to come. She managed to finish the ride although way beyond the cut off time, but, she has made us all proud by finishing what she started by not quitting. Specially Jagrutis husband Divyajeet Rathore who was with her in France to extend all possible help and support, it's thier selfless love and support for each other as a couple that motivates them to give thier best and inspires so many others.

Jagruti although was sleep deprived and had been through enduring the pain for longer a finishing medal got a smile on her face that was euphoric for her and all of us.

9) Jarul Vora, another women warrior on the squad had been on and off training, she also had her moments when she though of quitting, but, other thought of regret she will have if she had to quit, was enough to keep her going and enjoying her ride on the country side of France. She finished her ride and was delighted to have received the finishers medal and overjoyed with it as was least expecting it for Late Finish.

10) Sachin Shete was on a roll after getting to know he still has a chance to make it to the finish line, it will be Late Finish but still a finish. He was the one who was persistent and kept calling the numbers on the card to know if he can continue his ride after missing the cut off at the turn around and as soon as he got to know of the new protocol he rode as if it was riding in tail wind. He managed to finish his ride outside the cutoff time.

11) Vikas Shah, was on a roll until the turn around point, but, without any sleep or power naps had to add up to his fatigue and freshness. He had pushed really hard in the first half to have put himself into the red zone with being in sleep deprivation state, fatigue, bad stomach (not accustomed to local French cuisine + the fatigue) and knee pain to top it up in the final 60-70kms. He as well managed to finish his ride with close to 95:16:47 hours and getting his finishers medal that will add to the motivation to earn one more in the future that says successful finish!

12) Krupal Rana, he was the man of the moment.. He was closest to being within cutoff time.. Only to be slowed down due to health (fever and food poisoning) after medications and enforced rest of 3 plus hours he had to start slowly and progressively to bridge the lost time. It was so close and yet too far out of reach to make it within cutoff time. He managed to complete his ride 91:22:58 hrs:mins:secs. Late Finish but still a finish with a Finishers medal making the effort worth it.

We are proud of all our riders who started cycling as an fitness activity few years back and attempted the mother of all Brevets PBP. Many of them who got introduced to formal training with less than few months back clearly knowing the challenges and limitations.. They choose to give it thier best for this event which comes once in 4 yrs.. It's their journey from being a beginner to attempting PBP which is inspiring! 

Its the team and support riders get from their family, friends, community, local BRM clubs, Audax India for creating a platform for riders and enthusiasts across India that's setting new bench marks.

We have come a long way and still have a long way to go..but what matters most is the distance which is already covered and focus on whats ahead of us. Many of us were disheartened by the success ratio, however, one can only be successful if they attempt.. You will lose 100% if you don't attempt at all. Helmets off to all the participants who made it to PBP start line and Congratulations to all the riders who completed their ride within or outside cutoff time (outside cutoff time had more suffering for longer time).

Helmets off to all the successful finishers of PBP!

We either Win or we learn. This PBP which was categorized as one of the 7 toughest since inception; giving us many invaluable lessons to learn from and made us realize few mistakes, we believe that this will be a new beginning with a difference in the approach and even stronger determination in life on and off the bike.

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