CycloZeal Training and assistance was founded in 2012 by Miten Thakker Level 3 Cycling Coach, over the years have provided coaching assistance, instruction, and support to cyclists within a group/individual setting, offline and online. 

Cyclozeal, team of experts, includes Nimish Makadia (Level 3 Cycling Coach, Bike Fit Expert, Fitness Expert), Meghna Surve (Senior Dietician), Amruta Karkhanis Deshmukh (Sports Physiologist) puts their decades of experience to meaningful use by assisting cyclists across abilities to improve their cycling across abilities fitness/ultra endurance racing/Brevets/ Racing (Road/Track/MTB).

CycloZeal takes pride in the faith and trust that their athletes, we call them our "Cyclozealians," have in their training process, as well as the dedication and hard work put in by these cyclists, which has resulted in impressive achievements. 

Some of the notable achievements and feats by our CycloZealians validating our Training Process mentioned below include: 

As CycloZeal, we have a strong track record of helping cyclists achieve their goals and excel in various cycling disciplines, making CycloZeal your best resource for performance coaching and training assistance to get You fast, faster!