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Sharing handful of Many Cycling Workouts/Variations we call it our CycloZeal's Training Menu 

Disclaimer: Before you Get Started - Training Menu and Basic training plans (coming soon) are only for educational purpose, to give an overview how our online training written plans are structured.  This basis structure and plan shared has its limitations of how much time one should do depending on age/fitness/skills, in case you aren't sure this plan is for you, do not follow this, in case you wish to get started.  Please seek your doctors advice to be sure you are medically fit to peruse cycling as an activity/sport having been advised of the nature of these activities entirely at your own risk and without any liability whatsoever on the part of the Cyclozeal team, its officials or members in respect to any injuries/death, loss/es or damage/s, suffered however caused. 

Base Miles (BM) 

Cyclozeal Base Miles (BM): The cornerstone of your training routine, like the ultimate endurance party without the clown nose.

Objective: This workout is all about turning you into an aerobic superstar, prepping you for future fitness greatness.

How to tackle this workout: Pedal at a pace where you could discuss your favorite Netflix series (Zone 2) using lower gears, all the while using lower gears to keep your wheels spinning like a merry-go-round. Think of it as dialing up the resistance on your aerobic engine; the gains will flow. Just remember, resist the urge to go all-out Tour de France style. This workout is best enjoyed with pals, especially for longer rides (over an hour). 

Make Basic Miles your year-round cycling sidekick and, who knows, maybe you'll be the king or queen of miles!

Endurance  Miles (EM)

Cyclozeal Endurance Miles (EM): The superhero training after Basic Miles (BM) to take your endurance to the next level.

Expected Gains:

- Bulk up those slow-twitch muscle fibers and make them swole.

- Boost the development of capillaries, the unsung heroes.

- Elevate your heart's stroke volume.

- Become a temperature-regulating pro like a seasoned weather forecaster.

- Upgrade your respiratory endurance for smoother breathing.

How to Get Started: EM offers a little more oomph compared to your laid-back BM workout. It's a moderate-paced affair, but your heart rate is revved up a notch. When the hills appear on the horizon, switch gears and conquer them like a true champion. Keep your RPMs in the 85-95 range unless your coach advises otherwise. Your goal is to groove within your heart rate zone, using your aerobic energy system to power your cycling. Speaking of that heart rate zone, imagine it's just above a casual chat pace, in the zone we affectionately call Z2+ / Z3. Get ready to pedal your way to endurance greatness!


Welcome to the CycloZeal - Sweet Spot Carnival!

Spotlight Zone: Higher Z3, lower Z4 - 77-84% MHR. It's where magic happens!

Pedal Punchlines: Your heart joins the carnival with each stroke, gears are your dance partners—freestyle RPM at 85-90. Your CycloZeal coach is the DJ, so trust the beat! 

Hills, headwinds? Like plot twists. Embrace, conquer, but stay in the Sweet Spot for that happy ending. 

Priority Pass: Your Rep Time golden rule - stay in the Sweet Spot zone. It's the secret handshake to fitness awesomeness. 

CycloZeal Tip: Stay in the Sweet Spot zone; it's the VIP section for your aerobic engine. No sneaking out for snacks!

Fast Cadence (FC)

CycloZeal Fast Cadence (FC): It's time to cycle with the energy of a squirrel on a masala chai adventure!

Objective: Let's make your legs spin like a hamster on an espresso binge, all in the name of better pedaling.

How to Do It: Whether you are indoors or on a flat road, choose lower gears and easy pedal resistance. 

Start at 90-96 RPM, sitting steady without any comical saddle rocking. Concentrate on pulling through the pedal stroke and then, in your best "graceful Kathak" impression, kick up the speed.

Your heart rate might get a little wild, but don't judge your effort solely by it., aim to stick to an RPM of 110-120 for the duration of repetation time. 

The goal is to ride with as few pauses as possible; think of it like a comedy show with back-to-back laughs, as Fast Cadence is all about continuous pedaling at the prescribed intensity. 

Caution: Riders riding with normal pedals, should be careful to firmly have their feet on the pedals, to not slip off your feet when riding at high leg speed which can cause imbalance your cycle and may lead to accident  

Power Starts (PS) 

CycloZeal Power Starts: Turbocharged Pedal Power!

Objective: Boost your pedal-pushing muscles to superhero levels.

How to do it:

1. Flat Ground: Find flat terrain; no hills allowed.

2. Big Gears: Pick the moderately big gear, like, "Hello, muscles!" (as per your personal capacity)

3. Snail Start: Almost standstill, slo-mo style.

4. Super Slam: Jump, slam pedals, handlebar pull, hammering the pedals as hard as you can

5. Fast & Furious: 8-10 pedal strokes, 8-10 seconds, try to empty your tank at 100% effort for each repetition.  

6. Heart Confusion: Muscles rule;you will be done with the effort before your baffled heart responds.

You are the pedal-powered hero!