Cycling Training Camps


Sport Authority of Gujarat (SAG) - Summer Camps 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.. 



I am sincerely grateful to G.S.C.A, SAG for granting me these opportunities - MIten Thakker (Cycling Coach, Level 3) 

Miten Thakker – Cyclozeal - Founder and Coach was appointed by Sports Authority of Gujarat (S.A.G) as an Expert Coach for Cycling,  with his scientific approach, participants were exposed the techniques, tactics, bike handling skills etc of cycling. Though we had the best talent in this camp, there were huge gaps right from the bike positioning to techniques, which were closed by Miten, we also had lot of theory sessions, team building activities, emphasis was primarily on self belief. Cyclists experienced huge improvements in their performance and made aware of best practices that has helped them be better cyclists. 
Gujarat Cycling performance has seen a huge transformation in recent years which is evident from much higher Race Average Speeds in bunch finishes as compared to earlier where races were lost in the first few kilometers, credit goes to all the riders, people working behind the scenes, district and State Associations, who have worked hard over the years, shared and adapted to the best practices they got exposure to through these summer camps initiated by S.A.G 

Managing a team of 40 cyclists spanning various age groups over a tight 20-day schedule was a demanding endeavor. Dealing with emotionally charged and adrenaline-fueled riders required maintaining strict discipline and conduct standards. Additionally, handling administrative tasks like reporting to Senior Coaches at the SAG office, coordinating with Association heads, support team, responding to RTIs, and communicating effectively with all stakeholders presented its own set of challenges.

Another complex task involved working with intricate formulas as mandated by the Sports Authority of Gujarat (S.A.G) to evaluate and allocate scholarships to deserving players. Leveraging Miten's prior managerial experience and proficiency in MS Excel, he successfully established an error-free process, complete with clear and transparent score sheets that promoted fairness and integrity throughout the evaluation process.

Miten had the incredible opportunity to serve as the State Team Coach for Team Gujarat during the National Games in 2022, which were hosted by the State of Gujarat. It was an absolute honor to be a part of this prestigious event in the capacity of a Cycling coach, for the road racing team.  

Super 6 Camps 

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Shared below are few moments we captured for the memory lane from few of the many Super 6 Camps
Team ProStar, was founded by owner of ProStar Bike Store, an honest attempt to support group of racing cyclists.
Ahmadabad Cyclists (2017) 
Six Days Camp hosted by Savari Cycles, primarily a group of hobby and fitness cyclists. In the pic, riders were having fun while doing few bike skill drills
Baroda Cyclists (2015)
Six Days Camp, was initiated by Nimish Makadia with an objective to assist riders of Baroda, a camp was well attended cyclists from Racing and Ultra Endurance across age group    
Baroda Cyclists (2017)
Six Days Camp, was initiated by Nimish Makadia with an objective to assist riders of Baroda, a camp was well attended cyclists from Racing and Ultra Endurance across age group    
Nashik Cyclists (2016)
Six Days Camp was initiated by Late. Jaspal Singh Virdi while he was the president of  Nashik Cyclists Foundation (NCF) where riders from across age groups and abilities experienced the difference between riding and cycling
Special Training sessions were conducted for the young cyclists of Nashik, introducing them to basic riding skills before they start hammering the pedals  

At our Super 6 Days training camp led by Miten Thakker, we prioritize a holistic approach to cycling. Our program covers various critical aspects, including basic bike positioning, training methods, stretching routines, engaging in fun activities, knowledge sharing sessions, and raising awareness about the importance of riding with correct techniques.

Participants who have joined our camp often find a profound difference between simply riding and the art of cycling. In just six days, they achieve remarkable results, such as setting personal best timings, reaching maximum speeds (they thought wasn't possible) to climbing more efficiently—all this magic in just 6 Days!