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Avinash Singh Sadana Ultra Endurance (BRM's, Ultra Racing, etc,.)

Training Plan is pretty detailed. There has been a distinctive growth in my cycling since I've been training with Cyclozeal. Communication with the Coaches (Miten Sir & Nimish Sir) about even small things has made good big impact on my training.

Apoorv Talati Ultra Endurance (BRM's, Ultra Racing, etc,.)

I have been training under Cyclozeal for almost 3 months now and I am very happy to see the results till now. As I started after covid-19, systematic feedback and training plan after recovery helped me to gain the earlier fitness level very fast. Mitenbhai and Nimishbhai are extremely encouraging and pushes me to achieve the goals we have set. Still it is just a beginning it's long way to go and I am sure with Cyclozeal steadily shall achieve the goal. 

Bhushan Ultra Endurance (BRM's, Ultra Racing, etc,.)

To make a champion out of a sportsperson ,any body can do that, but you are carving a sports person out of the vigourless

Darshan Nakrani Racing (Track/Road/MTB)

Training daily and sticking with the plan will never miss your medal.

Divyansh Ramdevputra Racing (Track/Road/MTB)

The cycle racing scenario in India isn't the greatest as compared to other countries like USA,Australia,UK,Germany,Canada and etc. But thanks to Cyclozeal it has started to change more people aren't just riding they are racing and people at Cyclozeal are also making more and more opportunities for riders of all ages to be able to participate in races. They are doing wonderful jobs of changing and making a better India

Ishan Pandit Ultra Endurance (BRM's, Ultra Racing, etc,.)

Cyclozeal actually makes one zealous for cycling by bringing a humongous difference in the way one cycles. The coaching here makes you realize that cycling is never about one man show, speed and distance which is what every other person thinks cycling is all about.

Jagruti Kumari Rathore Ultra Endurance (BRM's, Ultra Racing, etc,.)

You are a great motivator and a perfect friendly coach who makes us very comfortable as well always there to help solve our queries in depth. Most importantly your scientific approach of training has really helped me to improve .(I had never ever had paid attention to HR, Cadence and rest of the training pattern but now I see the difference)

Jateen Dinesh Joshi Racing (Track/Road/MTB)

Started off as regular rider with just the passion for cycling but now getting know all the important factors which can help me build myself,riding with some targets to achieve truly keeps me going.Had never considered the importance of diving deep into the factors which make the difference between riding and cycling and I'm truly glad that I started my coaching from Cyclozeal.

JITESH ASHOKKUMAR SHETH Ultra Endurance (BRM's, Ultra Racing, etc,.)

Team Cyclozeal has a "professionally carved personalized approach" for each of their riders keeping the rider's objective at the highest..

Kamalkant Saxena Ultra Endurance (BRM's, Ultra Racing, etc,.)

Having a coach like you gives us a whole new perspective of cycling, we can easily dream of accomplishing the Ultra racing, Ultra endurance.

Kedar Patel Racing (Track/Road/MTB)

CycloZeal has helped me be at my best, boosting my confidence to win two Gold medals at National Championship and Khelo India Nationals 

Mehul Joshi Ultra Endurance (BRM's, Ultra Racing, etc,.)

Perfect coach with wide range of knowledge.

Mitesh Shah Fitness

I would never have been ambitious if you hadn’t motivated to be audacious and ferocious.”

I have never thought that I can do ride at the endurance level, since I had a gap of more than 15 - 17 years of bike ride I was not sure that I can able ride bikes even for 50 kms. After meeting cycling buddies I had stared to endurance rides on bike. I had finished 3 BRM including toughest BRM toughest challenges of routes at our territory. After starting training with Cyclozeal, I had seen the difference between "Ride" and "Technically Correct Ride".

Achieving higher speed, winning sprint etc.. anybody can learn from anywhere. But riding technically right with knowing of own physical conditions and come out with the best of own only the Cycolzeal makes possible.

Coach Miten Sir and Nimish Sir are gem of person who knows how to identify riders with his/her own capability. The best thing is They never enforce plan, they make person and ride both friendly with each other so that Ride and Rider both can enjoy at their own.

Thank you for bringing out the best in me. You've influenced my life for the better.

Mustafa Patrawala Ultra Endurance (BRM's, Ultra Racing, etc,.)

You guys are doing superb

Om Hitendra Mahajan Ultra Endurance (BRM's, Ultra Racing, etc,.)

Fitness is just like a relationship; You can't cheat and expect it to work!

Parthiv Adeshra Ultra Endurance (BRM's, Ultra Racing, etc,.)

Have been Extremely Satisfied with the Training Plans, Perfectly in tune with the Goals Set by you.

Pranita Soman Racing (Track/Road/MTB)

After collaborating with Cyclozeal , I have seen much difference in my power numbers and riding style. And also my ability to work on it is definitely improved. Also, a good appreciation from the coach after a long and hectic ride makes my day and keep me motivated for my next rides.

Prashant Moghe Ultra Endurance (BRM's, Ultra Racing, etc,.)

The dedication you people have for us and also making understand the youngsters what the cycling is .

Prem Patel Racing (Track/Road/MTB)

You have make me a good cyclist as compared in past my every thing is very well improved by joining Cyclozeal . thanks for helping me to reach this stage

Ravi Motwani Racing (Track/Road/MTB)

I recommend riders to test the process and experience the magic, I improved a lot since joining and see major changes in my time trial speed and sprints..Thanks to Cyclozeal 

Ravi Sharma Ultra Endurance Racing (BRM's, Ultra Racing, etc,.)

Dependable and trustworthy and technical sound method for training

VIKAS SHAH Ultra Endurance (BRM's, Ultra Racing, etc,.)


Performances/Reviews by our CYCLOZEALIANS from the past who had a blast 

Sorted as per Alpha order (A-Z) 

AdilNiazi (Banker) World Masters (Italy) – Participation Couple of runners up positions in racing events at district level

Completion of  200kms BRM 

I feel very lucky and privileged to be a part of the Cyclozeal team. Thanks to Miten I have been able to put my passion into performance.. I hope Cyclozeal goes from strength to strength…This is the first Indian Cycling… Keep watching as Cyclozeal gears itself to produce the best cyclist in the country.

Amruta Karkhanis Deshmusk– Sport Psychologist 

(Once a trainee with Miten Thakker – 1999-2007)

Triathlon Champion– Sub Junior National Medalist– 14 medals in total including Gold, Silver and Bronze, many State and District Level Wins and Titles Shiv Chatrapati Awardee – Cycling. (Highest Honor for sportsperson in the State of Maharashtra) 

Its said when your passion becomes your profession there’s never an End to the road. I am sure you are Right there, after years of dedication, hard work finally you are where your heart makes you younger with each day. If I have made you proud at times. I am sure you shall have lacs more coming your way and my wishes – your efforts grow into a Big tree with wonderful fruits of success. Lets meet at the peak where we both are working for National Teams.

God bless… Always there for you. 

Ashish Sehjwal – Student 2nd – 50kms – Sugar Free Cyclothon Ahemdabad (19-39yrs) 2nd – 30kms – Navi Mumbai Cyclothon (Men Open) 2nd -  Jan Jagruti Cycloride 

I have been doing the workouts given in my training plan regularly and i can see the difference in very short time/few months.

Just want to thank Miten sir, for making my training more challenging and exciting. Cycling has become more fun with Cyclozeal 

In the first two months of training itself (1) My fastest sprint speed has increased by 3 km/hr. (2) I do a test every 15 or 20 day on a short climb (length 700m). 2 months ago my best time was 1min 28 sec , now i am able to do it in 1min 18 sec.  (3) On long rides my average speed has improved by 2 km/hr. (4) My pedaling has become more smooth and efficient due to a few workouts.

Dr. Hitendra Mahajan and Dr. Mahendra Mahajan - Team Vision for Tribal’s -Team India became the first successful attempt by any Indian Team to complete 4800 kms in less than 09 days, as a team of  two in 8 Days 14 hrs and 55 mins (June 2015), icing to the cake was Winning the category in their first attempt) 

Golden Quadrilateral Challenge – 6000kms completed as team of two in 10 days and 10 hours in December 2016, spreading a message of ‘Follow the Rules and India will Rule’

K2K – 3900kms, scaled the distance in 10 days and 10 hours, solo attempt by Mahendra Mahajan in November 2018  promoting and encouraging people to take up sports  ‘Khelo India’   

Janhvi Jathar (Physiotherapist, Masters from AUS, was a physio to Mary Kom before the historical medal won at the Olympics)  State Selection – 1st Place – 30kms – Road Ind. Time Trial – 2012 

I got to know the true meaning of the word coach when I started training with you, the past 6 months have been nothing but a joy ride all thanks to Cyclozeal, so here’s to the best coach in the world. Hope I can make you proud one day!

Kabir Raichure - Lawyer by Profession; Cyclist by Passion

Successful RAAM (Solo) Finish in his first attempt 2019, Ultra Himalayan Race – 1st Place, Deccan Cliffhanger – 3rd Place – 24:19 (hrs: mins) 

I was a piece of metal and training with Miten Sir he made me a metal sword, I was able to succesfully complete RAAM in my first attempt 

Madhura Wayqar (Sub Junior) Training with CycloZeal from 2011 to 2013

National Championships: One Gold, One Silver, Two Bronze Many School, District Level and State level wins and positions. 

What ever I am today in cycling is because of Miten Dada. Thank you 

Mehul Ved (Soft Programmer) Ranked 57th - Half Iron Man, Putrajaya, Malaysia 2014 3rd Place – The Ultimate Cycle Ride – 2014 (Amateur Men – Road) Participation And Completion With Respectable Time Triathlon Ultra Endurance Events 

Cycling has been his major strength of the three disciplines and continues to be that way with quality training for a time crunched software programmer.  

Saby Rodriguez (Website and Social Media Expert) Setting the fasted time ever in 200kms BRM (7:10 mins) before changes were made to the BRM rules not to highlight fastest time he also went ahead to Win Couple of runners up positions in racing events at district level. - He also recommended the name to our group we now today as 'CycloZeal'

It was a dream, a want, to be competing and riding like a pro. And yes after 6 months of training it really happened. After getting a road bike I was in a quest to ride like the guys I use to see on the eastern express highway where I use to train alone. I heard of Mumbai – Pune last season and there was where I found someone (Miten Sir) who can take me there. And today after competing and riding with the professionals with a respectable performance I am confident to ride this race. All credits to that person who put so much effort and truly for all the people who know me cycling have seen it. 

Sumedh Wadhva (Science Student, now a Doctor) Ironman 70.3 Thailand 2016 

 I owe this to my cycling guru and coach Miten Thakker. In fact, he is the one who planned a proper training schedule for me, improved my cycling technique and provided me professional tips. Thank you coach! 

Sunil Gandhi (Entrepreneur) 56 yrs at the time Participation and Completion with respectable time - Ultra Endurance Event 

Mera Sapna Purra huwa (had tried and failed multiple 200kms BRM attempts) Thanks a lot, for helping me in completing my dream of 200kms BRM. Miten is a superb trainer and his team helps one to improve ones capability. May you achieve all that you set out for. Wish you all the best. 

Vikram Duhan  - Senior Elite Track Cyclist Asian Cycling Championship – participation, 2 Gold - National Championship 2 Silver – National Games, 6 Silver – National Championship, Podium Finish Sugar Free Cyclothon Ahmedabad 

‘I don’t have to think what I will do today, tomorrow, next week/month, I simply have to follow the plan prepared by my coach Miten Thakker that meets my yearly performance goals, ever since we started my performance has only got better with my timings allowing to win medals year on year at senior level’ 

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